Ashley Jensen here… The most important reason to hire me is I will always tell you the good, bad and yes, the ugly. When buying a property, it is just as important to know the bad as the good. I am always honest with my clients and am comfortable if we disagree on something. For example, buyers may underestimate the cost of remodels or needed improvements by a lot when looking at different properties for sale. Think of me as an extra set of eyes looking for things like structural problems, water damage, mold, trees and structural issues to name a few. I do have extensive knowledge in remodels & improvements and will always give you a realistic viewpoint, and if I can not, I will find someone who can for you.


Also, I have a gift that only about ten percent of people can do. I can visualize minor or major improvements and changes that could make a property you would have passed on be the right one for you. I am excellent with color’s, placements of walls, furniture and even textures. I have built from the ground up both residential and commercial properties. I have staged hundreds of homes for sale.

I have 30 years of knowledge and experience in residential, multi-family and commercial properties. I have done many probates, 1031 exchanges, and foreclosures. I have lived through the ups and downs of real estate markets and can share that advice with you.


I will: Give you accurate pricing. Provide fair and aggressive negotiating in the offer process. Negotiate repairs needed from the home inspection report, the appraisal conditions, and lender issues.

I always say, “I keep my clients for life”, and I mean it. So, give me a call with your wish list and let’s get started.


Ashley Jensen, Principal Broker