My Approach

Marketing techniques can make all the difference. Having an experienced Realtor with extensive resources and sophisticated marketing techniques is more important than ever before. LoveOregon.House offers a comprehensive marketing strategy that will make your home stand out in today’s highly competitive marketplace

Internet Marketing

The real estate industry is changing due to the constant evolution of technology and the Internet. It has never been more important to hire a Realtor who understands how to use the latest technology to market your home. 90 percent of home buyers searched online at some point during their home buying process. (From the National Association of Realtors)


Highest Quality Custom Property Brochures

Property brochures still play an important role in this industry.  In addition to the initial “spark” that well-done property brochures create, they can also initiate the first showing of your home and also serve as the catalyst for additional interest and showings. Our beautiful property brochures typically include high-quality professional photography, and are always full color.

Direct Mail ~ Digital and Printed Postcards

Customized, high quality postcards are periodically sent to a select list of both existing clients and targeted clients in specific locations. These postcards are a great direct mail tool and can build great response from prospected parties.