My goal is to get you the most amount of money in the shortest time frame, with the least amount of hassle. Sounds good, right…

Realistically, the selling process is a true partnership between you and myself. Both partners have very important jobs to do. Many sellers believe or feel that they lose control after they sign a listing agreement. Take your control back by putting in an “unconditional release clause” in the event you are not happy with your broker. I always include this in my listing agreements.

As a seller, you have two important things in your control: price and condition of the property. The location is the third thing, and if it is not ideal, then the price is the only change that will fix it.


Goal One

is to give you a strong market analysis and help you determine a reasonable price for your home. When you place a realistic price on the property, it will increase the chances of getting it sold at that price, and also in a reasonable timeframe. Many brokers will quote a higher price to “buy” your listing from their competitors. As a seller, ask yourself, “What would I pay to buy my home back at this exact moment?” Asking this will help you not fall into that broker over-pricing trap. My favorite thing that sellers say to me is that they don’t have to be motivated. I tell my sellers there is no check-box that the agents can see telling them you are, or are not, motivated. It has nothing to do with setting the correct price.

Goal Two

is to go over the condition and staging of the home. Only 10% of people can visualize the property with different paint, furniture, cleanliness, etc. I will sometimes make minor and, if needed, major suggestions to place your home in its best light. The most important of all things is a clean, clean home. Then, yards that are in order and paint that is not peeling. If you have a funky color on a wall, take the time to fix it or have me get a painter for you. Be open to all suggestions to make your home one that deserves great offers.

Goal Three

is to go through the Seller Real Property Disclosure with you thoroughly. This is an important job, and I am probably one of the best when it comes to helping you do needed repairs at affordable prices. Here is an example of an extreme non-disclosure by a past client of mine. I found them their dream home, and I had an accepted offer at top dollar on their existing home. The property inspection report came back showing the seals on all the windows in their home as broken. I asked my clients if they knew this, and they did. They thought that nobody would notice. If they had told me first, I would have helped them shop for the best price for replacements, avoiding the premium price they had to pay to have them done immediately, so as to not lose their buyers. Always tell your broker of past and current issues that you have, or have had. Just so you know, every home has, or will have issues, that is normal.

I hope this gives a feel for some of my client services.

Ashley L. Jensen, Principal Broker